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Thanks to the Committee
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Debbi Stanley Rebottaro
07-19-2004 11:13am
I just wanted to show my appreciation to Tiffany, Danelle and Terri for their hard work in putting together such a great evening.  Thank you very much Ladies and also to all the helpers that you had!  
I had a very nice time and was happy to see so many people for the first time in years as well as seeing those local people that I can't get enough of anyway!
Your efforts are very much appreciated!

Re: Thanks to the Committee
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Kristin Valente-Madden
07-19-2004 12:32pm
Excellent party!  It was wonderful to see everyone.  What a great group of people we had the privilege to grow up with!

Many thanks to all of the organizers.  You did a fabulous job!!

Re: Thanks to the Committee
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Kenny Gong
07-19-2004 03:10pm
Yes, thank you so much to the committe for the excellent reunion at an awesome place! I learned to play Bocce, and had fun! Geez! I'm getting old. I wish it could have been longer but had to leave. You can't catch up with everyone in one night but I got some email addresses so I will be emailing people.
Once again, hope to see everyone on our 30th and stay tuned to the site, I found some pics of our 10th reunion and I will be posting them soon!

Peace everyone!


Re: Thanks to the Committee
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Tammie Bennett
07-19-2004 03:19pm
Great Job Girls!!!  My husband is having is 20 yr. reunion next week and they just notified everybody 2 weeks ago.  As a result of the last minute notification, of course most people can't make it.  Everything was absolutely perfect!!  I agree with Kristen Valente, what a privilege it was to spend time with such amazing people.  Looking forward to 30, hopefully our car won't break down.:):)

Re: Thanks to the Committee
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Marc Kirby
07-20-2004 04:42pm
Not just a great job, an Outstanding job!  Good food, good music and the perfect place, all on top of locating and bringing together a really fun group of people.  The reunion was so much fun that I would hate to wait another ten years to do it again.  

People tend to underestimate what it takes to put on an event like this one.  These ladies are to be commended for the long hours and hard work that made this such a success!  

Re: Thanks to the Committee
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Lisa (Huggett) Jennings
07-20-2004 09:28pm

My husband and I had a fabulous time.  It had been way too long to see old friends, and I was able to connect to a few new friends too!!!  Thank-you for giving us the wonderful opportunity to see each other, to share, and to look back at fond memories. I really missed some of the classmates that were not able to attend, maybe the next one.   I think 10 years would be too long to wait, to see eachother again.

Again, Thank you to the re-union committee and the extra volunteers, job well done!!

Lots of Love

Re: Thanks to the Committee
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Keenan Nelson
07-23-2004 09:01am
I expected nothing less from Danelle, Tiffany, Terry, Kristin, Deanna and All Others involved in the planning of this event. These people, if I may be blunt, are 'The Shit'! I'd attend a party in the Middle East if it were organized by this group. I'm just sorry I got there late but I couldn't raise the bail money any faster. And on top of that my credit card was rejected. Oh, and I had to get my hair, or lack there of,   just right so that Lisa Hugget' husband, Darrell, would like it and give me the idea that will make me a millionaire before the next reunion. Speaking of next reunions...not 10 years from now-5 years from now!!! I can't wait 10 years to see these people again. Alot could happen, to me in particular, in 10 years. I promise I'll help next time. If we do it in 5 years I should be around 6-7 years old emotionally and able to play better with others. I should be 'potty trained' better too! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the hard work ladies. It meant the world to me. And 'next time', if I'm not 'doing time', I will be 'on time' so that I can see and visit with more of the great people I grew up with. I am one lucky s.o.b. And a big thanks to my best bud in the whole world, 'Big John' Hefte for being my chaperone/driver and keeping me safe and out of sight of on-duty law enforcement. And since I got there late and didn't get my picture taken I will post some photos of myself in the next few days/months/conclusion of the court proceedings. Some nude or in a thong, some with my wife and/or older men from Azerbaijan and a few from Santa' lap at Stonestown Galleria last Christmas. I will have to get them back from the evidence room at the M.C.S.O. You have been warned!!!!

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