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Our class updates look good!
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Mary-Grace McMahon
10-10-2008 04:09am
If you think that our updates look bleak take a look at the class of '83. It is like an entire purple streak of 'missing' down the page with an accasional black 'unlisted' peppered in!

Re: Our class updates look good!
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Danelle McDermott
10-10-2008 12:23pm
Welcome back Mary! :)

Let's give some kudos to Rick - he just got going with the class of 83 site (, and they have no reunion coming up until 2013, so I think we can give him a pass this time... ;) He's done a great job of getting it started and spreading the word. This kind of site is a labor of love and very time consuming.

For those of you just finding us, our site has been up since 2003, a year before people started looking for reunion information, and was updated by me, Tiffany Johnson, and Terri Lewis tracking down over half our class. Hours and HOURS were put into this. Did I mention HOURS?

A lot of our updates are stale though, so if you are one of the folks that changed your email address or moved in the last five years, take a look at your contact info and update it please! We will be sending out email notices in December/January to let people know if there is enough response to have a 25 year reunion next July/August.

Check back after Sunday Oct 12th on the Reunions page for more updates.

So glad you all are still checking the site from time to time!

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