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A - 08-30-2004
Wanted to tell anyone who new David Drennan, that he passed away last thursday on his 40th birthday. Let all our deepest and sincere thoughts go his families way. Life is short, and we need to all love one another.
Kris Snyder Schamber - 07-26-2004
Kudos to Danelle, Tiffany, Deanna, Terri, Sandi and Valerie.....the reunion was great..I wish more people could have/would have made it...hopefully for the 30th?  I had a good time visiting with those of you who were there...thank you....take care,   Kris
Lea Rezentes - 07-07-2004
Wow!  I can't believe that it's been 20 years, already!  It really is true what they say about it going faster the older you get!  I am excited to see the 'old gang' soon, especially my girls Charlotte and Michelle.  I've been busy with life, trying to enjoy it as best I can.  The view is very good from under water--live good, dive hard!  See you all in July, gule gule! Lea Rezentes
Frances Vasilopoulos Weber - 07-03-2004
Hi!  Count down to a great time!  Happy Fourth Of July.  See you all in 2 weeks.
Lisa - 05-26-2004
thanks for tellin me how great of a person my uncle joe idica was. its nice to know that theyre are nice people in my you have any pictures of him
love lisa
Dede Mayfield Bedford - 05-19-2004
Hola!  Looking forward to the day.......My hats off to all the hard work.  Checks in the mail.  
see all of you in July!!!!
Norm Dorman - 05-14-2004
well guess i forgot to do this last time  so here it goes thanks danielle for starting this site  it sogood to readf from others on what they have done over the years  i still see you like journalizing lol  well ive have been all over the western us  for 16 years and have found the love of my life we been married almost 5 years in july im now living in San Diego  ... i do remeber what happened to Buddy Renolyds since i was  at his funeral he was driving tow truck fore his dad  on a rainy night  with a car and went over bank by east russian river braNCH BEFORE POTTER VALLEY exit sorry fat fingers get in way of caps button lol  but he lived across the street from me for sometime.. was a really great friend to me and all that remeber him... Joe Idica i can remeber it was in the late 80 s i think he passed on   i was in such shock to hear what happened to him .. we use to hang out and go to parties all the time...just to hard to think some of the bestest friends you spend time with are really gone  i still go to Ukiah onec  or twice a years as of the last 5 years and man has it really changed    but im sad to so i wont be making in i just got over a major back problen the last 3 months so have to make up all that lost time at work and i dont really know if i can handle that long of a drive right now     ...  so if any of you want to email me please feel free too im also on yahoo messenger alot in evening s also my yahoo id is   SNS_Tackelman   and email is would be glad to talk to some old face once in awhile  even if its just on chat
Mary McMahon (Conkright) - 05-05-2004
It is really interesting to read all of the things our classmates have written in this, our class of '84 ,site. Most everyone sounds so mature and somewhat grounded in who and where they are and that is refreshing to know.  Jim- OJ-you aren't the only one who doesn't drink or do 'problems other than alcohol' any more. I had enough to last me a lifetime. I am deeply saddened by the people I saw in the 'In Memory' page...poor Randy Foley has been dead for almost 20 years and I didn't even know it. He was always very kind to me...
I feel very lucky to be alive today and to have the life I have... I wish more people from our class were responding to this site, but hey, it only took me 20 years and running into Joe Dietrich over the years (we'll see you at your trailer, Joe!) to get me to check in with ya'll.  See you this summer--MGM--
Lisa - 04-28-2004
Thanks that would really be nice...

i would like to know everything and i would like to know wut happend......................

do you think i can get the newspaper of the net
Ken Vander Stoep - 04-27-2004

I may have some elementary school class pictures somewhere.  If I find them I will let you know.  You may have to find the date Joe passed away and go to the Ukiah Daily Journal office and see if they have archived newspapers.  It would probably be in an issue anywhere from 1 - 3 days after the accident.  I know it involved his street motorcycle and a truck.

Good Luck,

Lisa Idica - 04-23-2004
Hi im glad to know how good of a person he was...

My uncle is David is married so some phillipeno lady named gloria she workks at  safeway...he as a little girl wynona shes 10 mom is their daivd and joes little sister. so thats were i get my lastname because i dont gotta dad. and i was also wondering if u know were i can get new paper articals about wut happend to him. and do u have any pictures.

Ken Vander Stoep - 04-21-2004

Yes, I was good friends with Joe Idica from our early years at Nokomis all the way through high school.  He was always a great friend and respected others.  He was the first close friend that I lost and though it was painful, it opened my eyes for the need to appreciate life and the people around me more.  We had a lot of laughs together, especially at Nokomis, and you can trust that he was a great guy with a positive look on life.  Are you David's daughter?  David was/is a stud too.
Hope you have opportunities to learn more about Joe from others.

Ken Vander Stoep
Lisa - 04-19-2004
did any of you know my UNCLE JOE>.....
Sheila Gregg - 04-12-2004
Well, hell!  Here I was being all jaded about it 'cuz I went to the 5th & the 10th, and then I had to go and read the Guestbook.  You guys are too funny.  Don't know yet if I'll make it or not.  Cheers to the reunion committee for tackling such a huge job (and keeping at us even when we blow them off) - thanks!

Hey, OJ - did they offer a redneck spelling class that I missed, 'cuz I don't remember Ardis Campbell covering 'shit-eating' or 'uv'?  (If you don't get my sense of humor, you may be offended, but it's not meant to harm - put a big smile on my face!)
Lisa - 04-05-2004



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