Ukiah High School Class of 1984
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Ukiah High School Class of 1984 - Guestbook

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Franke Christensen (Pinnell) - 01-26-2004
This is such a milestone in our lives.  I feel sad and happy. We always heard from our parents 'if I knew then what I know now I would have done things differently', WOW what a mouth full. I certainly would have, but looking to the future gives me inspiration.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you in July.  Until then. ;-)
Michael Wieling - 11-30-2003
Wow, twenty years, sounds like a good reason to 'PARTY'.  Like I ever needed one.
See ya there
Rick Travis - 11-17-2003
Wow twenty years already. And who woulda thunk it?! Me a counselor at the high school! Yup, Mr. Trouble-Maker Travis STILL gets called to the Principal's office, even 20 years later!

And I can tell ya, the school hasn’t changed a whole helluva lot since we’ve left.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the reunion!

Rick Travis.

Kathy Norris - 11-14-2003
Wow, twenty years already??  Life has been great.  I hope to see everyone at the reunion.
Angela Starback - 10-27-2003
Amazing how time flys whether your having fun or not...I certainly am enjoying the latter. Hope to make the reunion, hard to say where I will be at that time, but for now I am in Sausalito and living life. Ciao!
David W. Barnes - 10-22-2003
Great site see everyone in July.
David DeLapo - 09-17-2003
its been six years since my last visit to ukiah looks like a good reason to make
a trip back home.
Debbi Stanley Rebottaro - 08-19-2003
Great Website!  Hope to see you all at the reunion.  Stay safe, live happy, NO MORE on the 'In Memory Of' page.  I'll definately help out with whatever is needed to keep the wheels in motion and make the reunion happen!!
Tim Riggs - 08-19-2003
Good Googely Moogely, I don't know how this found me but Very Cool. Still alive here in Virginia, Looks like Jim casey is not far away either,hehe. Anchored here quite well with wife and 4 kids tryin' to make ends meet. Guess I had toooo Much fun in Ukiah, Damn!!
Take care all
Charlotte Chapman (Riley) - 08-19-2003
Can't wait to see everyone!  I live in Petaluma and get back to Ukiah now and again.
RUSS WILSON - 08-18-2003
Einar Nyborg - 08-18-2003
Well hooooooleeeeeey crap.  Whoda ever thought?  I'm just glad to still be here.  Hope you all are well and that you come out for the big 20.  
Lisa (Huggett) Jennings - 08-17-2003
Where has the past 20 years gone?
Great Web-site!!!
Looking forward to the re-union.
Jim Casey - 08-13-2003
Just sayin Hi.  Living in the Washington DC area (Northern VA).
Danelle McDermott - 08-07-2003
HI Everyone! Just wanted to start out the guestbook...have fun, Danelle

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