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Ukiah High School Class of 1984 - Latest News

08-24-2008 - Hey! Lisa Huggett is Famous! Watch her on the
I am Marti-ann Huggett, Lisa's Daughter.  I have been trying to update everyone, on something really cool my mom had the opportunity to do this last summer.  She was picked to be one of 4 aspiring designers to compete on a TV show to design for a celebrity to wear their design to a red carpet event, and when asked by the media "Who Are You Wearing?"  They say the winners name.   Hundreds and Hundreds of people applied but only 40 contestants were picked and my mom was one of them.  She was picked to be on the first episode, but due to post production delays, the episode she is on was rescheduled for the next Friday which is August 29th.
The show is called:  "Who Are You Wearing?"
The series premiered this last Friday August 22,.....but my Moms episode will air this Friday, August 29th at 7:00 pm on the TLC Network channel.  Same channel as Trading Spaces, Jon and Kate Plus Eight.
 I'm not allowed to say who won, but I am a big fan of my moms, and it will be worth watching I promise.   The host of the show is Keisha Whittaker (Forrest Whittakers Wife) and the celebrity on the episode that my mom did was Stacy Keibler (past WWE Wrestler and better known for her season on Dancing with Stars).
Here is a link to the commercial that is airing right now.  My mom is on it several times.  She thinks she looks really tired in all the clips, they were long days of shooting,  she said it was a fun but an emotional experience.  But She's really  glad she did it.

And here's a little article about the show.
WHO ARE YOU WEARING -   The show that gives would-be and up and coming designers from all walks of life the opportunity to hear their name mentioned when a celebrity is asked, "Who are you wearing?" During each episode, hosted by Keisha Whitaker, four aspiring designers compete for the chance to design for, and dress, a celebrity prior to a red carpet event.  At the end of the episode, there Will be one winner who will live the dream of having their design worn by a celebrity.  Series is produced by Reveille; Executive Producer is Fernando J. Hernandez
I am hoping you can help spread the word to her fellow classmates to  watch the show this Friday.  As you can tell I am really proud of her.
Thank you,
Marti Huggett

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